Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A CEUs is accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions. Examples of people who need CEUs include NURSES, CNA’S, HHA, mental health professionals, social workers, etc. CEUs records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification bodies, professional societies, or governmental licensing boards. Certain professions require that healthcare professionals earn a specific number of CEUs per year to ensure that they are up- to-date with current practices in their field. Proof of credits earned is necessary in order to renew a license or certification. The annual number of CEUs required varies by state and profession.

How long does it take to earn your continuing education units?

The typical CEU represents approximately ten (10) contact hours of experience in a structured continuing education experience (class, seminar, retreat, practicum, self-study, etc.) that is supervised in some way by a qualified continuing education provider.

Why need continuing education units?

CEUs are most often used in professions that require licensing, in order to maintain that licensure. Often it is the governing licensing boards or professional societies, but it can also be employers. 

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